China Entertainment’s first US production, Hollywood Says, a weekly English language celebrity based talk show, goes into production in Los Angeles and will be distributed in China. “Hollywood Says” is a show created specifically for the Chinese audience. It is about having the celebrities from the U.S. discuss the entrainment topics as well as social trends happening in China. American stars will have discuss ions and debates on the hot topics in China (more than just the entertainment topics), which will show the most authentic reactions from them. Furthermore, it will let the Chinese audience get in touch with the award ceremony, premiere, and fashion shows in America.

The show will eventually become the bridge between China & the US’s topics and celebs. We are also able to do live and other major events related to “Hollywood Says”.

Plenty of Hollywood Stars, a professional bilingual host, a Chinese and American production team, a distribution team, and sufficient funding and support.

This show will become a platform between China and America, for any company to promote any project that is physically hard for them to promote overseas in the other huge market. We can also bring American celebrities to China for events, and vise versa.