China Entertainment Group Inc. is a Hollywood-based entertainment communication and production company, focusing on content producing and marketing for Hollywood celebrities and providing cultural consulting and producing business cooperation between companies in China and the U.S.. Our main resources include the (photographing/news reporting/live-streaming rights) of red carpet events of major U.S. award ceremonies; A-list Hollywood celebrity resources; exclusive cooperation with NASA; U.S. media resources in overseas news agency, as well as in the business, technology and entertainment industry.

The company is currently working with Warner Bros. Pictures and Astro-Nomical Entertainment in developing the variety-style talk show ‘Hollywood Inn’, which is to be released on video and live broadcast platforms in the U.S. and China. Meanwhile, this show aims to provide the most cost-effective channel for the promotion of Hollywood movies and animations in the Chinese market, and also provide the most valuable platform for the cooperation between Chinese brands and Hollywood resources. Besides, the company is currently collaborating with NASA and co-producing with Youku on the reality TV show ‘挑战吧!太空’, which is to be launched by the end of this year. The company is also working with Tencent Games, Xiaomi Technology, Zhiyun Technology, SF Technology and etc. to produce customized branding cooperation and communication plans.

Our past projects with clients include resource communication, event planning, and U.S. press release with NASA for Tencent QQ Project X; advertising and inviting Hollywood celebrities to perform for the 2017 and 2018 CCTV-6 “Movie Nights” New Year’s Eve Gala; photographing and hosting the ‘2017 Chinese Spring Festival Gala’ as well as the ‘89th & 90th Academy Awards Red Carpet Live Broadcast’ and the Oscar special program ‘Mango Beats Oscar’ for Mango TV; advertising overseas for the documentary ‘Charm of China’, filmed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of the People’s Republic of China, aimed at introducing cultural customs of Chinese ethnic minorities; producing the advertisement for the debut of Huawei Mate9 in Tmall for the U.S. market, and etc.